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Our application allows you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or USB 3/4g modem



To connect to the wireless network through Wi-Fi interface go to "Settings->Wi-Fi settings" section

Click "Search Networks" button to get the list of available Wi-Fi networks

Select your network and click "Connect network" button

Enter the network password in the appeared Dialog Box. If the password is correct the network connection will be established

Network password will be saved in the database and used for future connections. You can reset it by clicking the "Reset Password" button

To connect to Wi-Fi network you can use Raspberry Pi built-in Wi-Fi module or external USB dongle. You can specify the required Wi-Fi device interface in the "Settings->Other Settings" section. To view available wireless interfaces you can use "ifconfig" command


USB modem

You can connect to the Internet with USB 3g/4g modem. Go to "Setting->USB modem settings" Section, input APN address, APN user, APN password (if required) and click "Connect" button

If you insert the USB modem to the USB port notification dialog box with "Connect" button will appear