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iCarus Media system consists of two modules - Audio and Video

Video and audio players are based on GStreamer backend so all formats supported by GStreamer and its plugins are supported by the application Media system




Select Video Folder Button

Click to select the folder containing video files. The selected folder will be recursively scanned and you'll see found videofiles list in the right block. USB flash drive icons are intended for fast access to USB Flash Drive contents The videofile playback will start if you click its name in the right block list.

Play/Pause Button

Click to Start/Pause the selected video file playback.

Full Screen Button

Click this button to expand video to full screen mode.

In Full screen mode click anywhere to exit full screen mode.




Select Audio Content Folder

Click to select the folder containing audio files. Found audio files will be also added to the mini audio player on the top of the application interface.

Scan USB Flash Drives

Click for searching audio content on the connected USB Flash drives.

Random Mode

If Random Mode is active "Next" track will be selected randomly from the loaded playlist.