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Raspberry Pi Car PC

iCarus Car PC

Multifunctional car computer powered by Linux and Raspberry Pi. Ready to use solution for your car with 7-inch touchscreen and 3 USB ports on the facelate

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ICR board

The heart of iCarus Car PC.
Connect your Raspberry Pi (or any other compatible single board computer) to ICR board and build your higly customized Car PC system.

Separate ICR board is a suitable solution for makers building Car PC in their own housing

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iCarus Software

We have developed special software to control your Raspberry Pi Car PC

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iCarus Cloud

iCarus Cloud is a system that allows you to store data from your vehicles and send commands to the Car PC device.

You can use it for live gps tracking, viewing tracks history, reports or engine operating parameters etc.

For enterprise users it is a comfortable web application for their vehicle fleet management


Add more intelligence to your car

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is a system for delivering entertainment and information content to the driver and passengers. Single-board computer is a cheap, powerful and energy efficient device - so it is very suitable for using as the "brain" for IVI. As Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers in the world we have selected it as the computing module of our system. iCarus is more then Raspberry Pi Car PC - it is the extendable IVI(in-vehicle infortainment) platform.

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Multifunctional Car Computer powered by Linux and Raspberry Pi


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