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ICR board Specification

ICR Board is the heart of iCarus Car PC. We use it in our device, but you can buy ICR board separately and build your own custom Raspberry Pi Car PC solution with it

Main features of the ICR board:

  • PCM5122 DAC
  • TDA7850 4-channel sound amplifier
  • Audioprocessor
  • 4 RCA outputs for external amplifier connection and 1 RCA output for subwoofer connection
  • 12V and 5V DC outputs to power external modules
  • GPS
  • FM Radio
  • LVDS-HDMI converter to connect popular LCD panels with LVDS interface
  • Integrated USB hub
  • ADC for connecting analog sensors
  • Real-Time Clock with battery
  • Pins for connecting rotary knob

ICR board is the main part of entire iCarus Car PC


Cables provided with ICR board:

  • 1. Audio cable
  • 2. Power cable with switch on/off switch button
  • 3. Cable to connect LVDS LCD panels to ICR board
  • 4. USB-USB cable to connect built-in USB-hub with Raspberry Pi USB port
  • 5. HDMI-HDMI cable
  • 6. USB-microUSB cable to power Raspberry Pi from ICR board


Audio System

To achieve good sound quality we are using PCM5122 DAC chip that accepts digital sound data from connected Raspberry Pi computer and converts it to analog sound signal that is passed to audio processor's 2-channel audio input №1.

Audio processor has 3 inputs for 3 sound sources (DAC, FM radio and 3.5mm analog sound input). The sources are switched by the software

Audio processor is used for switching between sound sources, splitting 2 channel sound signal (Left, Right) to 5 channels (Right Front, Left Front, Right Rear, Left Rear, Subwoofer), tuning volume and sound params (bass,middle,treble) and speaker's balance

Audio processor passes analog sound signal splitted into 4 channels to Hi-Fi class TDA7850 amplifier and to RCA outputs. You can connect an external amplifier and subwoofer to RCA outputs. If you are using an external amplifier put a jumper cap on the STD_BY pins to switch off the internal amplifier - this will reduce power consumption and heating


LCD for ICR board

ICR board has built-in LVDS-HDMI signal converter, so you can connect any LCD panel with LVDS interface to it

By default the ICR board LVDS chip is programmed for using with LVDS 6bit LCD panels with 1280x800 maximum resolution, but you can upload firmware for your type of screen

Popular models of 7-inch and 10.1-inch LCD panels with LVDS interface can be also bought from our shop



You can also connect rotary encoder


Raspberry Pi to ICR Board connection

Connect Raspberry Pi's male GPIO header to ICR board female socket, connect the 5V powercable