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Car Camera

Car Camera option is designed to work with Raspberry Pi hardware accelerated camera module and its modifications (we recommend to use wide-lens Raspberry Pi camera module) . We also designed special adapter kit that allows you connect this type of camera modules to the Raspberry Pi computer with HDMI cable


The Car Camera interface of the application sends/receives commands to our special Camera Server running apart from the main application in the background (the server process is called "icr_camera"). Using independent Camera Server makes it possible to record video files even if the main application is not launched.

Camera control interface consists of several buttons and information blocks.

Start/Stop Record button - click to start or stop recording

Camera Settings button - click to go to the camera settings interface

Recorded Videos button - click to open video player interface with the list of recorded video files

Preview Window switch on/off preview window mode. When "Preview Window" mode is active you'll see the window with the frame being currently captured by the camera. This mode is mainly required for selecting best mount place for camera in car

The information blocks show current video recording state; name of the video file that is currently recording, it's time length and size; size of the folder with all files recorded by the camera; available free space on SD card/USB Flash Drive


Camera Settings


Video Storage Folder - folder for saving recorded camera videos. This folder can be located on Raspberry Pi microSD card, USB flash drive, etc. To clear folder click "Clear Video Folder".

Maximum Storage Size (in megabytes) - if the size of all recorded video files in the Video Storage Folder exceeds this limit recording will stop if "Rewrite Old Files" option is not active - otherwise older video files will be deleted to keep the storage size smaller then maximum value

Track Time Length (in seconds) - the recording cycle is devided into recording video files with specified time length. After Track Time elapses the recording of current file is stopped and the recording of new file begins. If Maximum Storage Size is reached one or more old video files will be deleted before starting new record

Raspivid application is used as a backend for video recording. To view the details of Brigtness, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, ISO, EV compensation, Exposure Mode, Automatic White Balance parameters refer to raspivid documentation

If "Start Recording On Boot" option is active the recording will automatically start after Linux boot is finished