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Date and Time Settings

Set the date and time and click "Save Settings" button

If you are using the ICR board the time will be also stored in its built-in nonvolotile Real Time Clock powered by CR-1232 battery


GPS Settings

All application GPS features require configured gpsd service - you should add your GPS device data port in /etc/default/gpsd configuration file

This settings page shows the actual coordinates if your GPS hardware is configured correctly.


Other Settings


Select Language - select the language of the interface. For v.1.0 only English is available

Wi-Fi device - name of the wireless interface (to switch between built-in wi-fi adapter and external usb dongle). To view all available wi-fi interfaces execute "ifconfig" command in the console

OBD-II adapter Bluetooth address - enter the correct address of your Bluetooth OBD-II adapter in order it could communicate with iCarus Car PC software

ALSA device - the correct alsa device is required for volume level control option, if you are using our application without ICR board enter PCM if you are using analog sound output

If the ICR board is used leave this field empty