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OBD-II computer

ELM-327 Bluetooth OBD-II adapter is required for using this option.
Connect ELM-327 (or other compatible adapter) to your car's OBD-II port and set its bluetooth address in the "Settings"->"Obd Settings" section

OBD-II computer shows the parameters of different car systems - coolant temperature, speed, engine RPM, fuel consumption, air consumption, lambda sensors voltage and others.

Switch Parameters Screen

Parameters are divided into pages. Click this button to switch between the pages. Go to "Settings"->"Obd Settings"->"Edit" section for editing pages and adding/editing/deleting parameters on them

Connect to OBD-II Adapter Button

Click this button to establish connection for transmitting data between OBD-II adapter and your Car PC.

Read DTC Button

Click this button to return to the interface main page from any part of the software.