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Interface Main Page

Main features of the software are accessible from the main interface page:

Media, FM and Internet Radio, Navigation, Car Camera, OBD-II computer

Mini Music Player with control buttons(previous track/radio station, play/pause, next track/radio station) is always available on the top of any page of the application.

If you are using iCarus Car PC you can go to the next track by pressing down the rotary knob on the faceplate (you can also connect KY rotary encoder to your Raspberry Pi if you're building your own Car PC solution)

To load the playlist for this player go to Media->Audio section or insert the USB flash drive and click "Search for music" button on the appeared Dialog Box. If you are listening to the Internet Radio station Prev/Next buttons will switch the stations from your Internet Radio Station list. You can add new Internet Radio stations in the Radio->Internet Radio section

Home Button

Click this button to return to the interface main page from any part of the software.

Volume Control

Click this button to show Volume Control block with increase/decrease volume buttons. If you are using iCarus Car PC you can change the volume level by rotating rotary knob on the faceplate.

Settings Button

Click to enter "Settings" section

Power Off Button

Click this button to power off the device, exit application or start Raspbian Desktop Environment

This Dialog box is displayed after Power Off button clicked: