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iCarus Software cloud settings

Integration with iCarus Cloud is supportred by the software since version 1.2
So you should update your software to version 1.2 or later following Update Instructions


1. Click "Settings" icon at the bottom of the interface, then click "iCarus Cloud" button


2. Cloud Server capabilities page.

In v.1.2 only GPS Tracking functionality is available
Register your device on iCarus Cloud Website (if you have not already done it) and click "Online GPS Tracking" button


3.GPS Tracking Management

To Start/Stop sending gps location data to cloud server click "Start/Stop" button

To start sending data to cloud on application start select "Autostart tracking" button and click "Save settings" button

4.GPS Tracking Statistics

The GPS data is also stored in the Raspberry Pi local database

You can see how many entries are stored in the database and how many of them were sent to the cloud on the certain day by selecting the date in the combobox

If the internet connection was unstable the amount of locally stored and sent data may differ.

In this case click "Sync" button to send data missing in the cloud

To clear local storage click "Clear Local Data Storage" button. The data will be erased from your Raspberry Pi but it will still be available in the cloud