New conception of our shop

We change conception of our shop!

1. Earlier you could only buy Car PC kits here.
Now we also suggest parts, that can be useful for you if you are building your own Raspberry Pi based Car PC

2. Now you can select whether to buy iCarus as a kit or as an assembled device.


on 04.03.2015 01:33 said:

How do I pay for an order? China post was the only shipping option. Do they deliver to US?

admin on 06.03.2015 10:25 said:

The order is payed via PayPal ChinaPost delivers worldwide including US

on 01.09.2015 04:43 said:

Its 08/31/15 and it says you get back from holidays so I can purchase my order 08/01/15. Are you guys still chilling out on a beach or something lol.

on 01.09.2015 04:46 said:

Ok different timezone there, so its tomorrow where your at haha. It still says Aug 1 '15 your back. Sorry, I'm just eager to try your product!

on 15.09.2015 08:39 said:

Still hoping to purchase one. At least the message changed when I try to pay...

on 29.09.2015 11:19 said:

Can you upload the code of the firmware, so we can help with the future updates

on 18.06.2016 18:43 said:

Building my own and impaitently awaiting activation code

on 18.07.2017 21:13 said:

Bought an activation code now the program doesn't open how can I fix please

on 23.07.2017 18:28 said:

Hello I wish to acquire a license the site always works?

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