iCarus™ - intellectual car PC

Multifunctional car computer powered by Linux and Raspberry Pi

Easy to install

iCarus is provided as a fully assembled device (from December 2015). Just connect it to your car's radio connector directly (in the case your car uses a standard ISO-10487 connector) or via harness adaptor

All you need in car

Multimedia center, FM and internet radio, GPS navigation, Full HD DVR camera, OBD-II Engine diagnostics, 4G, Wi-Fi and so on - we integrated all usefull features in one device

External devices

3 USB ports extend computer functionality and allow you to connect multiple USB devices - wireless keyboards, Wi-Fi dongles, 4G modems, etc..


We have developed special software to control iCarus. It works under Raspbian Linux. You can use our software or software from other developers

iCarus hardware

  • Design overview

    iCarus design description

  • Display

    1280x800 IPS LCD with sensitive touchscreen

  • Raspberry Pi 2

    Quad Core 900mhz ARMv7 Processor, 1GB RAM, single board mini-computer

  • Sound system

    4x50W TDA7850 Hi-Fi class amplifier with low output noise

  • FM radio module

    Based on RDA5807M chip with powerful low-IF digital audio processor and RDS support

  • GPS module

    High precision u-Blox Neo-6M GPS module with external antenna.

  • ELM-327 OBD-II adapter

    OBDII adapter for monitoring engine parameters and reading ECU errors                                                                              

  • HD camera module

    Hardware accelerated Raspberry Pi HD camera with special wide-angle lens

  • Active USB-hub

    3-port active (with external power supply) USB hub to connect USB devices

  • Wi-Fi

    Tiny Wi-Fi USB dongle provides connection to wireless networks

  • 4G modem

    Huawei E392 USB 3g/4g modem provides mobile internet

  • Rear view camera

    Rear view camera can be connected to iCarus Car PC

  • 8GB SD-Card

    SD card contains iCarus firmware. You can easily change firmware by changing SD card

  • Bluetooth

    Connect your smartphone to iCarus Car PC via BT

  • TPMS

    Tyre pressure monitoring system for iCarus. [Development in progress]

  • Parking sensors

    Parking sensors for iCarus. [Development in progress]

User interface