iCarus firmware v.0.2 released!

We released new version of iCarus firmware! It will be available for download from Febraury 26 2015

Main changes:
1. Rotary encoder support (you can rotate it and push it) You can connect rotary encoder to pins GPIO 23,24,25, Ground of Raspberry Pi. It is used for sound volume level regulation. When you push it the player switches to next track. We will bind more options with rotary encoder in the future releases.

2. New linux kernel 3.18.

3. Support of popular eGalax USB touchscreens is integrated to the kernel

4. xinput_calibrator tool is included for touchscreen calibration

5. Bluetooth support. You can use "Bluetooth Phone Call" application, the launch icon is on the Desktop.
Bluetooth function will be integrated to our interface in v0.3 release of iCarus firmware. It will allow you to pair your smartphone with iCarus for phone calls, sms messaging and transmitting audio content from your smartphone. You can buy iCarus compatible Bluetooth Dongle, USB sound card and microphone in our shop

6. USB sound card is used as the main sound source by default. You can switch to 3.5 analog jack as a sound source in the "Settings"->"Media" section of the interface

7. Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2!


on 10.03.2015 13:09 said:

Icarus released firmware v.0.2 download is not available, is only the v0.1, and I want to v0.2

on 11.03.2015 16:25 said:

Where could I download v0.2? And does it also require an activation code?

on 14.03.2015 10:15 said:

there is no option to download v0.2

on 16.03.2015 14:39 said:

Come on guys. Where is v.02? No communication is the worst. Losing confidence rapidly.

admin on 16.03.2015 15:25 said:

It is available for download here - http://i-carus.com/downloads/ And we made it compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and all older models of Raspberry

on 17.03.2015 00:27 said:

Thank you guys ^^

on 11.06.2015 03:22 said:

how do you power the pi in a car

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