Index interface

This is the main screen of the interface - this is what you see when the loading of operating systen is finished and the software is autostarted. You can always return to this screen by pressing "Home" button () in the bottom left corner.

  Volume button is used for volume level control

  Go to "Settings" screen

  After pressing this button the application will be closed and you will see operating system Desktop with some icons for launching different applications, such as terminal

There are 6 buttons in the central part of the main screen: Media, Radio, Navigation, Car DVR, Trip Computer
Applications button is not used yet

On the top of the interface there is the audioaplayer. It is displayed on each page of the application. To load new Playlist go to Media Audio section of the application.

  Pause playing

  Start playing

  Play previous audio file / Go to previous internet radio station

  Play next audio file / Go to next internet radio station