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Design overview

The main part of the iCarus Car PC is the ICR board. Raspberry Pi (A, B, A+, B+, 2) computer is connected to the ICR board by GPIO ribbon cable for controling it and receiving data.

ICR board contains GPS uBlox NEO 6M chip, RDA 5807M (with RDS support) FM chip, audioprocessor, TDA7850 4-channel sound amplifier, BA3121 noise filter, 3 USB ports to provide 5V power for Raspberry Pi and for active USB hub, 3.5mm audio input (connected to the audio output of the Raspberry Pi USB Sound Card) , 12V DC output to provide power for LCD controller, DS3121 real time clock with battery. Terminal connectors on the ICR board are designed to hold wires of the power switch toggle and ISO-10487 connector. There are also 2 SMA connectors to connect GPS and FM antennas.

As a screen for iCarus we are using a 7-inch IPS technology LCD panel with 1280x800 resolution.
eGalax touchscreen is combined with the LCD.
LCD adjustment is executed by the remote control.

LCD is controlled by 2 PCBs, 1 PCB is used as a touchscreen controller. There is an RCA input for connecting rear view camera on the LCD control board. The video signal source (HDMI/RCA) is selected by remote control


All components are mounted in the black perforated 2DIN form-factor housing made of 1mm steel. The dimensions of the housing are - 178mm(width) x 99mm(height) x 140mm(depth)


The black plastic faceplate is mounted to 2DIN metal housing with four M2.5 screws
On the faceplate there are 3 USB ports of the active USB hub for connecting external USB devices and modules, the switch on/off toggle, the rotary button, which is used for volume level control (when rotated) and for switching to the next track (when pressed down), and a hole for a small microphone connected to the Raspberry Pi USB sound card.
On the top of the faceplate there is a miniSD card slot, connected with Raspberry Pi miniSD card slot. So you can easily change the firmware without getting Raspberry Pi computer out of the housing.
There is also a hole for the HDMI connector of the Raspberry Pi camera extension kit on the top of the faceplate
Faceplate dimensions are 180mm(width)x110mm(height)x18mm(depth)