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Sound system

4x50W amplifier based on TDA-7850 chip

To achieve awesome sound quality we are using an external USB sound card. The output of USB sound card is connected to ICR board 3.5mm input. Hi-Fi class 4-channel TDA7850 sound amplifier is integrated to ICR board. Before getting to amplifier sound signal from source passes through audioprocessor chip, controlled by Raspberry Pi.

Audioprocessor chip allows you to adjust sound parameters, such as volume level, bass, middle, trebble, QFactor and to regulate the balance between Front/Rear Right/Left speakers,

  • Amplifier capabilities:
  • High output power capability:
    – 4 x 50 W/4 max.
    – 4 x 30 W/4 @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10 %
    – 4 x 80 W/2 max.
    – 4 x 55 W/2 @ 14.4V, 1 kHz, 10 %
  • Hi-Fi class distortion
  • Low output noise
  • BA3121 ground isolation amplifier

The radiator is required to avoid amplifier overheating!

iCarus Car PC is provided with mounted radiator. If you buy only ICR board then you should mount it yourself (the radiator is included to the parcel).