New improvements in construction of iCarus Car PC

This is a short review of improvements that we have recently made:

1. We developed our own 2DIN Car PC housing and faceplate instead of using third-party items. All devices ordered after Febraury 20th 2015 will be equipped with new parts.

Faceplate includes a rotary button for sound volume regulation - it is much more comfortable to use a rotary volume regulator than touchscreen buttons when driving. You can also push this rotary button - when you push it the player switches to the next track. We will bind more options with the rotary button in the future releases of iCarus Car PC firmware.

Three USB ports of active USB hub are on the faceplate now for easy USB devices (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongles) connection.

miniSD card slot connected with Raspberry Pi miniSD card slot is also on the faceplate now. Insert a miniSD card with iCarus firmware in it.

Switch on/off toggle is integrated to the faceplate now.

2. We switched to using Innolux screens with popular eGalax touch controller - the quality of picture and view angles are much more better than in previously used screens.

3. We intoduced the cMedia USB sound card to the sound system of iCarus. Our Car PC does not use Raspberry Pi 3.5 analog jack as a sound source anymore. The main advantages of using USB sound card are perfect quality of sound and the ability to connect a microphone to the soud card. The microphone is also included to all iCarus Car PC kits.

4. We are working on integrating Bluetooth technology to iCarus Car PC. For now you can test Bluetooth phone calls with third-party software "Bluetooth Phone Call" (you can find the icon of this application on the Desktop in iCarus firmware v0.2) Bluetooth function will be integrated to our interface in v0.3 release of iCarus firmware. It will allow you to pair your smartphone with iCarus for phone calls, sms messaging and transmitting audio content from your smartphone. You can buy iCarus compatible Bluetooth Dongle in our shop

5. We developed a camera extension kit for Raspberry Pi camera board. It is provided with Raspberry Pi widelens camera board now and you don't need to buy it from other eShops. The camera extension kit allows you easily mount the camera on your cars windshield. The extension length is about two meters, but it can be enlarged by longer ribbon cable.


on 16.03.2015 06:59 said:

how about integrating a camera which switches on when you drive backwards for parking for instance

on 16.10.2015 04:55 said:

Yup, lack of reversing camera is the deal breaker for me

admin on 22.12.2015 06:36 said:

Reversing camera is supported

on 15.02.2017 18:46 said:

how do you add your own apps to the main page? and how do you change settings for usb audio?

on 15.02.2017 18:46 said:

there is an applications tab but cant install any software to it at all

on 15.02.2017 18:53 said: will fix that sound issue.

on 22.02.2017 09:49 said:

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