Media center

The media center consists of 2 parts - Media Audio and Media Video

Media Audio section is used for viewing audio files and adding them to audioplayer playlist

To select a folder with audio files press "Select audio folder" button. After the folder is selected press "Scan folder" button. Found audio files in the selected folder and its subfolders will be displayed in the list and will be added to the top audioplayer playlist

iCarus media audio is based on gstreamer backend. All popular audio formats are supported by default, if your audio format is not supported just install appropriate gstreamer plugin from repository to enable support.

Media Video section is used for viewing video files (including video files, recorded by Car DVR). It is based on OMXPlayer with hardware video acceleration support. The control buttons allow you to Play/Pause/Stop video, seek right/left, change volume level, init fullscreen mode.